Let's get real for a moment.

I started this Real Estate Investing Business in 2018 because I saw a need.  No matter where I drove in Michigan, I noticed vacant homes, run down properties, houses going into pre-forclosure and forclosure, and multi-family units sitting empty.  I heard about people falling behind on their mortgage payments for a number of reasons. I, myself, had taken a serious fall in life and found myself in desperate need of help in dealing with my own property.  I seriously wanted to help the community and other people like me in some way but didn't know exactly how.  And that's when I started thinking.  

See, from 2013-2015 I worked as a Freight Broker for a company named Landstar. It was my favorite job, being able to negotiate deals to reach win, win, win situations...and I did VERY well for that company.  I thought to myself, I can apply what I learned there, do that same thing with Real Estate, and literally SEE with my own eyes the results in and around my community. To be able to meet, connect with, and help, first hand, the citizens of my own community.  So I have dedicated every bit of spare time that I have into constantly learning more, getting the right systems in place, and networking with other investors, wholesalers, cash buyers, and investment companies in order to provide the best services I can for our communities.

I understand that selling a house can be stressful – especially when you want to sell your house FAST because you need money quick.  I always run my business with the seller's experience in mind.  I pride myself in doing my best in creating "Fair" all cash offers on properties, closing on a date of the seller's choice, and treating everyone involved with dignity and respect during the entire process.  See, to me and my company, you are not just another number or $$ Dollar sign...You're a real person, just like me, who needs help just like I did, and I've personally been through the stress of trying to get out from underneath a house when life came and knocked me down.

We are presently investing/wholesaling in Shiawassee County, Genesee County, and Saginaw County.

All that being said...My motive, for myself and our Company, is to help everyone we can to Live Life Better by being able to create Win, Win, Win Solutions, while continuously increasing the value of our Michigan communities.